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173Dont Stop Believing
177Tiki Bar Is Open, The
380Look At Miss Ohio
380Look At Miss Ohio
1018Say Something
1085Southern Cross
1100Fast As You
1100Rockin Pneumonia
1100Born On The Bayou
1100The Last Time
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1Young, Neil
2Beatles, The
3Eagles, The
4Petty, Tom
6Buffett, Jimmy
7Creedence Clearwater
8Counting Crows
9Stevens, Cat
10Cash, Johnny
11Bowie, David
Top 10 Songs
1Im Yours
3I Wont Back Down
5Tell Me Why
6When Youre Next To Me
7Heart of Gold
8Happy Jacks Undrinkab
9Old Man
10Under The Bridge
11Dreadlock Holiday
Last 10 Songs
1Beat This Summer
2Mary Janes Last Dance
3Creeque Alley
4Time In A Bottle
5Authority Song
6Annies Song
7Norwegian Wood
8Norwegian Wood
9Sweet Baby James
10Wind Of Change
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Why does this site have a membership fee? Like most things, nothing come for free and Better Sheet Music team has decided not to flush you with a bunch of advertisements.  We need to receive membership fees to cover the cost to keep this site up and running.
What do I get for my membership fee? Your membership fee only pay for access to the Better Sheet Music site where the collection of Sheet Music Charts, tabs, and other music resources are keep.  The Sheet Music Charts, tabs, and other music resources are not for sale.  Better Sheet Music is only a collection area for educational music needs.
Why do you use PayPal? PayPal is a secure payment method that gives you the member total control over your membership.  We have nothing to do with any of your private payment processes and do not even have control over when PayPal pays for your membership.  We felt that this process would be the most secure for the members.
Can I pay with a credit card? We do not accept credit cards directly, but PayPal will accept your credit card for payment.
Can I send a check or money order? At this time we do not have a process for checks, money orders, or even cash payments and are not likely to use this process in the near future.
My trail period us up, how do I become a paid member? When you login using your username and password the screen will have a link to get you to the screen that allows you to select the payment type you wish to use.
Can I only pay for a one time period of time? Yes, you can pay or either one month, six months, or one year a time.  When the period is up, the next time you login it will ask you for another payment.
Do you sell or give out any of my private membership information? Privacy is very important to us and we will not ever sell or give out your information to third party organizations with out your permission.  In the future there may be a product or service that may be of interest to the membership, but no information will be sent to that entity without your permission.
Can I cancel my membership at any time? Yes, you can cancel your membership through discontinuing the PayPal recurring payment, or not making another one time payment.  No refunds will be given.
How do I cancel my membership? If you are using PayPal recurring payments, go to the PayPal site, login, and discontinue the recurring payment that is selected in your PayPal account.  When no payment is sent during the due date, your account will be deactivated.  We will keep your information on file for one year incase you wish to return to reactivate your membership.  When you reactivate, it will ask you to make a PayPal payment.
If I cancel my membership and would like to reinstate it, how long to you keep my information? We will be keeping your information for at least one year.  This will give you the opportunity to come and go as you please.
Can I share my membership with friends? No, one membership is for one user or one immediate family member only.
My budget is tight, do you have any ways I can earn my membership time? Yes we do.  For each paid one year membership, we will give your account one month of free membership.
I there a limit to have many members I can refer for membership? No, there is not limit of how many members and there is not monetary value to the member referrals, only free month(s) of membership applied to you account.
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